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Tennis Rockers

Rock Your Body; Rock Your Brain.


Unconventional Tennis

We think tennis needs a new spark.  A new direction.  Fresh blood.  We need to rock tennis.


  • We need to find the people who are passionate about tennis that don't have a voice.

  • We need to find people who are passionate about other things and bring them to tennis to make tennis awesome again.  

  • We need to make more mistakes, not less.  We need to find flaws and explore them so the game can evolve.  

  • We need to reward experimentation, cross-collaboration, tangential indulgence, conversation, and emotional connection instead of mechanistic adherence to age old stuff that keeps us from what could be ~ a bold and bright future.

Tennis Rockers isn't about us, it's about all of us who love tennis and want to see it grow and succeed.

Are you in?

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You Rock

Rock Your Body; Rock Your Brain.

You're A Tennis Rocker If...


  • You've rocked a shot on the tennis court.

  • Air guitared with your racquet.

  • Cranked out the tunes during a practice session.

  • Had a head full of questions about the sport.

  • Play a forehand, backhand, or serve your way.

  • Keep playing no matter what people say.

  • See yourself playing a slam.  


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